What is the difference between zone sensible heating/cooling (on the heat balance graph) and zone heating, sensible, total cooling (on the system energy graph)?
Posted by Andy Tindale on 02-Nov-16 10:31 AM

The Zone Sensible Heating is the heating effect of the HVAC system action on the zone heat balance, in particular the heating effect of introducing air that is warmer than the zone air. Likewise Zone Sensible Cooling is the cooling effect of the HVAC system on the zone. Note that it these are not always directly related to heating and cooling coil energy delivery, especially because of the effect of free cooling from outside air. So for example even if there is no cooling coil operational at a particular time, the Zone Sensible Cooling output on the Heat Balance graph can be high due to introduction of relatively cooler outside air into the space through mechanical ventilation. These Zone Sensible Heating/Cooling outputs will also include a component due to fans (if operational) which will tend to warm air that moves through it.

The Zone Heating data in the System energy graph is the energy provided by zone heating equipment such as reheat coils and radiators/baseboard units. Likewise Sensible and Total Cooling report the sensible and total energy transferred by cooling coils to the airstream.