How to model walk in cooler, freezer or cold room
Posted by Andy Tindale on 02-Nov-16 10:30 AM

It is possible to model freezer zones in DesignBuilder, but it is important to ensure that the temperature of the supply air is set to a very low value to cool the air below zero.

If you are using Simple HVAC then take these steps:

- Reduce the cooling supply air temperature in the Cooling design calculation options to -99°C.

- Reduce the supply air temperature under Cooling on the HVAC tab in the freezer zones to -99°C.
- Switch off heating on the HVAC tab.
- Switch off Mechanical ventilation on the HVAC tab.
- On the activity tab, set the cooling setpoint and setback temperatures to the required freezer zone air temperature.
- Set the cooling operation schedule to 'On' so that it always operates.

When using Compact HVAC apply these additional steps (this is a legacy option not available in v5 or later versions):

- Use the "Packaged direct expansion" template for the freezer zones (load this before applying the above changes).

Following these steps allow you to cool zones down to very low temperatures.

Updated 02.Nov.2016