Can DesignBuilder make use of extra processors (e.g. 4 core)?
Posted by Andy Tindale on 07-Feb-19 11:51 AM

DesignBuilder includes an Simulation Manager which makes best use of spare processing capacity to run multiple simultaneous simulations. Results can be browsed and loaded when they are ready. The Simulation Manager allows multiple parallel simulations to be run on:

  1. The machine that is running DesignBuilder to make the most of any free processors,
  2. On a server in the local area network and
  3. On the cloud where it will be possible to run simulations on remote computers

Regardless of these new capabilities, it is usually worth having 4 cores if you run a lot of simulations as it will allow you to continue to use your computer without much (if any) slowdown in machine performance.
For more information see Program Help.

Updated Feb.2019