Can't load a model created using a PAYG to a machine using an annual license
Posted by Andy Tindale on 20-Jun-19 09:43 AM

Models created using a copy of DesignBuilder which has only a PAYG SBEM license must have a credit deducted for the model before being usable with an annual Certification license. If you see a message saying:

This building was created using an EPC pay as you go licence and cannot be used for any other calculations until a credit has been deducted. It also cannot be used with SBEM annual licences.

The solution is to run an SBEM calculation for the model on the machine with the PAYG license and then re-save the dsb file. It should then be possible to load the file and run SBEM calculations with any license type.

DesignBuilder requires that a credit be deducted in this way to avoid a situation where a company could deploy a large number of people entering data on a single PAYG license with a single annual SBEM license for running calculations.


Updated 20.June .2019