Remove DesignBuilder Library folder
Posted by Andy Tindale on 14-Mar-19 10:52 AM

Please note that by following these instructions you will also delete your Component, Template and Weather data libraries. To avoid this you should export your libraries before removing DesignBuilder using the File > Export > Library data menu command from the opening screen. You should also make copies of any weather files you wish to keep.

Some files from previous Designbuilder installations are still stored in the machine that are not removed by the uninstalling process. These files could cause problems at some point in the current installation and therefore deleting all files in the Library folder and start a new Designbuilder session will fix the problem.

1. Open the Library folder:

i)              Start DesignBuilder;

ii)             Select the File>Folders>Library data folder menu command and keep the Windows Explorer folder open;

iii)            Close DesignBuilder.

2. Delete all files in the Library folder using Windows Explorer.

3. Start a new DesignBuilder session. Fresh copies of files you deleted will be copied over again from the Program files folder.