How to make sure any new template and component data is available to new/existing models
Posted by Andy Tindale on 18-Dec-06 10:05 AM

All templates defined will be available to new and existing models.

When you define components from the Opening screen (i.e. when no model is loaded) the data is stored in your component library. The component library will be loaded into new models at the time they are created. Any component you add while a model is open will be added to that model and not to the component library.

If you have already created a component in a model and wish the component to be available in other models you can export it in DDF format (including any components it references) using the File > Export > Library data menu command. The exported DDF file can be imported into the component library or into other existing models using the File > Import > Library data menu command.

If you have components in the library you wish to use in an existing model you can use the 'Tools > Import library components to model' menu command. Also, library components are automatically imported to models when you load a model saved in a previous version.

Note that there is a seperate library of templates and components for each Windows user on the computer.