v4.7 Issue with SBEM Interface: Light Types
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 24-Feb-17 02:14 PM

Light Types

Some light types are not available for Industrial type activities. This problem has been reported by a number of assessors. The types not available through the interface are Tungsten and LED. This bug has been fixed ready for the next release. If you do need to assign these lamp types to industrial activities then there is a simple workaround:

  1. Switch the activity to a non-industrial one
  2. Assign the correct lamp type
  3. Re-assign the correct activity


  1. This problem exists for all three means of specifying lighting: UNKNOWN, DESIGN and CHOSEN though for DESIGN and CHOSEN an incorrect lamp type will only affect the automatically generated recommendations.
  2. Assigning a T8 (standard ballast) will generate the same calculation as LED.

 lamptypes.png (84.54 KB)