v4.7 Issue with SBEM Interface: Recommendations
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 24-Feb-17 02:14 PM


In the v4.7 release there have been two problems with recommendations.

  1. Any editing of the automatically generated recommendations and the creation/editing of user recommendations will be lost if there is ANY (apart from further recommendation editing) subsequent change to data in the model . Thus you will be best to record recommendations separately and only enter them once you are ready to lodge.
  2. For user recommendations the Payback (Years) field is no longer being automatically 'filled' when a value is not entered. In v4.2 and earlier versions this would be automatically set to UNKNOWN in the EPC input. You will now need to enter a value. Note that if you wish to keep this as 'UNKNOWN' you should enter the value '-5555'.


These bugs have been fixed ready for the next release.

 nopaybackspecinrecommendation.png (12.63 KB)