Screen size resolution issues
Posted by Luis Sousa on 09-Nov-20 09:50 AM
If you come across screen size resolution issues (e.g. text much too small) while running DesignBuilder on a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop, or on a machine with a high resolution screen, then you may need to change DesignBuilder compatibility settings following the steps described below.

1 - With DesignBuilder closed go to: C:Program Files (x86)\DesignBuilder

2 - Right click on DesignBuilder.exe - > then select Properties 

3 - S
elect Compatibility tab

4 - Select option Override high DPI scaling behaviour, and Scaling performed by: System.
In some machines the best Scaling display option is Application


Note: If the above options are not available on the Compatibility tab then select instead the option Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

5.Click Apply and finally OK

6. Then start a new DesignBuilder session.

Last updated 09.11.2020