Patch for SBEM v3.5b for ROI and NI
Posted by Luis Sousa on 14-Mar-19 10:51 AM
At the beginning of 2017 the security certificate for SBEM v3.5b expired so any communication between SBEM and the registry gets rejected.

BRE released a patch for SBEM that addresses this issue.

Installation Notes for SBEM v3.5b patch:

1. Download the revised DesignBuilder v3.5b ZIP file from:

2. On a 64 bit system copy this file to folder...

C:\Program Files (x86)\DesignBuilder\SBEM 

Or on a 32 bit system copy to...
C:\Program Files\DesignBuilder\SBEM


3. Run DesignBuilder

4. From the main menu select File > Folders > SBEM Folder
Delete the file SBEM.exe

5. Next time an SBEM v3.5 calculation is carried out the patch file will be extracted and the correct version of EPCGen installed.

Please note that every time DesignBuilder is re-installed on an Irish system the Patch will be overwritten with the version of SBEM included in the release. You will need to re-install the Patch if this happens.