How to add CIBSE weather files to my calculation
Posted by Luis Sousa on 30-Apr-19 04:55 PM

1. Once your CIBSE weather file order has been paid for you should receive an email with a link to a page on our website which allows you to download the weather data.

2. The file you download will be compressed in .zip format. You should unzip the file to extract the epw hourly weather files for use in simulations.

3. Copy the .epw file(s) to the DesignBuilder Weather data folder. You can open that folder up in Windows Explorer using the DesignBuilder top menu option: File > Folders > Weather data folder.

4. Ensure that the appropriate CIBSE hourly weather data option is selected at Site level under Simulation Weather.

5. Rename the TRY weather file on the Weather folder to exactly match the filename that is defined on the default template (eg. GBR_London-Heathrow.037720_CIBSE-TRY):

6. You should now be ready to run the calculation.