SBEM Terminated before writing input file for EPCGenerator
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 16-Sep-19 02:19 PM
You will see this error when SBEM encounters a problem in processing the calculation data. The cause of the error will not be reported in Errors and warnings.
Historically there have been many causes for this error. This article will not list existing historic issues. Please notify us of any new issues which raise this error.

1. Activities not recognised (v6.1.0.006)

    A number of activities were added for Ireland 2017 calculations. Four of these used existing UK building classes and are thus visible in the interface but not applicable for UK assessments. These are:
        a. Hospitals/Care Homes:
            i. 12hr Specialist Treatment Area
            ii. Specialist Care Ward
        b. Sectors: Education (Residential) and Education (Non-residential)
            i. Teaching Areas DoES TGD033 2018