Cannot connect to the DBSimLServer windows service
Posted by Darren Flight on 29-Jul-20 08:04 AM
If you come across with the following message when opening a new DesignBuilder session, then this means that the licensing service is not running on this machine.

To fix this please follow the steps below:

Firstly, restart your computer.

With DesignBuilder closed, open Windows Control Panel> Programs and Features> Select DesignBuilder and click Repair.
See example below.

If the issue still occurs then please see steps below.

At Windows Services area change the DBSimLServer service settings by:
  1. On Windows Start button type Services on search toolbar
  2. Right click on DBSimLServer and open the Properties dialog
  3. On General tab, change the Startup type option to Automatic (Delayed Start)
  4. Then press Apply and OK button to close the dialog.

See image below for reference.

Just to note that after following the above you may need to also start the service by clicking start. 

Also to minimise the problem, change the DBSimLServer service settings, right click on DBSimLServer to open the Properties dialog and on the Recovery tab change the first and second failure options to Restart the Service. Then press Apply and OK button. See image below for reference.

Please contact our team at Support Desk if you need further assistance.