How to check if the computer has a dedicated graphics card ?
Posted by Luis Sousa on 01-Jul-20 11:50 AM
How to check if the computer has a dedicated graphics card?

To check this, open Windows Control Panel> Device Manager> Display adaptors.

See screenshot below and if it says only Intel then you have an integrated card.

To set up to DesignBuilder with the dedicated GPU this can be done using the Windows 10 - Graphics settings : 

Or the GPU control panel or similar management application. For example with an NVIDIA model this can be set by:
1. Open the Windows Start Menu
2. Enter “NVIDIA control panel” into the Search field and run it
3. Select “Manage 3D Settings” from the option in the left-hand panel
4. Select "DesignBuilder" to change the graphics processor for under "Select a program to customize"
5. If you do not see "DesignBuilder" program then it may be necessary to uncheck 'Show only programs found on this computer' which will then populate the list with the desired options.
6. Select your NVIDIA  graphics card under "preferred graphics processor" instead of the default “auto-select” (auto-select will use integrated graphics for DesignBuilder, which can cause poor performance).

Please note that these instructions may differ depending on the NVIDIA card model or other card manufacturers. Please check online for detailed steps.

Then reboot the pc and start a new DesignBuilder session.

You can confirm if the DesignBuilder is running with the dedicated graphic card by checking the session diagnostics files that can be accessible from DB menu at File>Folders> Diagnostic files folder
Then open with a text editor (eg. NOTEPAD) the most recent file Diagnostics_xx_01_2020_xx_xx_xx.log and search the word "Renderer".
If the "Renderer" or "Card vendor" field says "Intel xxx" then it is using the low spec integrated Intel card.

It should look like the image below when running a dedicated graphics card.

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