Issues with SBEM v4.1.g interface in DesignBuilder v5.0.2
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 09-Jan-20 11:00 AM
Release version 5.0.2 incorporates SBEM v5.2.d, v5.3.a and v4.1.g

It is currently (Jan 2020) approved in Northern Ireland in conjuction with SBEM v4.1.g.

As an interface to v5.2.d and v5.3.a It has no approvals.

The 41g interface is accessing some v5 features in particular concerning window shading, mechanical extract and PV. This should not cause any instabilities, input data is ignored or converted to the correct format when writing the data to SBEM.

Openings Tab: Shading

Shading System and Shading transmission factor are the only shading inputs relevant in SBEM v4.1.g. Settings for other parameters are ignored.

HVAC Tab: Local Mechanical Extract

The options for Scope of extract system display the v5 options. These are automatically converted to the following:

Fan remote from zone = Extract system serving multiple spaces
Fan within zone = Extract system serving a single room
Fan remote from zone with grease filter = Extract system serving multiple spaces

All other inputs for this section are compliant with v4.1.g

Solar Collector (PV)

Unlike earlier SBEM v4 interfaces, Photovoltaics are drawn on a surface and the geometry data is reported under the relevant Solar Collector header.

The data here is largely of the format suitable for SBEM v4 (Peak Power is only available in SBEM v5) however the displayed PV types are the same as those available for SBEM v5 calculations. These are thus converted as follows:

Mono crystalline silicon = Monocrystalline silicon
Multi crystalline silicon = Policrystalline silicon
Multi layer thin film amorphous silicon = Amorphous silicon
Other thin film layers = Other thin films
Thin film copper-indium-gallium-diselenide = Other thin films
Thin film cadmium-telluride = Other thin films