Single-user versus Network licenses
Posted by Luis Sousa on 23-Jun-21 03:02 PM

Single-user – Where you receive an activation code that needs to be activated locally on the machine running DesignBuilder. If a 2nd user needs to run the application then the 1st user will need to manually deactivate the activation code from his machine using DesignBuilder interface. The license will then be available to be used by another user.


Network/site license – These are floating licenses where RLM license service needs to be installed on a server. This can be a physical or a virtual server running on your office LAN.
Then the Client machine running DesignBuilder will be need to be set up with this license option (from DB License Manager) to pick the required modules from the server licenses pool.
When DesignBuilder application is closed, the modules are immediately retrieved back to the licenses pool and becomes available for another user. DesignBuilder will automatically check your server on the start of a new session to pick the seats.

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