Heat pumps and Geothermal Systems in DesignBuilder
Posted by Luis Sousa on 30-Jul-21 03:41 PM
Heat pumps are the go to technology these days to provide heating and cooling in small and large buildings alike. With DesignBuilder you can do detailed HVAC modelling of Water Source (Ground Source) and Air Source Heat Pumps easily.

There are numerous resources available on on the DesignBuilder's webinars page and program help to get you up and running.

If you are doing this for the first time then there are two worked examples from the program help available for you to attempt.
GSHP here: GSHP Example
ASHP here: Air To Water Heat Pump Example 

Manufacturer’s catalogues normally provides more data points than are needed to generate coefficients for the EnergyPlus heat pumps.

In order to allow manufacturer's heat pump catalogue data to be used, EnergyPlus provides spreadsheets to generate heating/cooling capacity coefficients and compressor power coefficients for each heat pump model.

See more details about where to find these spreadsheets and how to use them in DesignBuilder program help here: Generating Heat Pump Coefficients From Manufacturers Data