Ways to navigate (move around) DesignBuilder models
Posted by Luis Sousa on 30-Jul-21 03:58 PM
• Clicking the appropriate entry in the Navigator panel is the most versatile way because every construction in the building is listed there.

• Double-clicking on an object such as a window or wall in the Edit Screen takes you do it.
• Single-clicking on an object in the Edit Screen then mouse right-clicking on the object and selecting the 'Go to…’ menu option at the top.
• Use the Title / breadcrumbs at the top of the screen to navigate up one or more levels.
• Go to the level up in the hierarchy by pressing <F2> or by right-clicking in the Edit Screen and selecting the 'Go up...’ menu option.

Also, The Next <F5> and Back <F4> Navigation buttons allows you to move sequentially through the model (avoiding surfaces). This approach is slower but can be useful when it is necessary to methodically work through the model for any reason.