Deactivate DesignBuilder before Installing Windows 11
Posted by Luis Sousa on 27-Dec-21 12:31 PM

Windows 11 was released on 5th
 October 2021 and will be progressively made available to current Windows 10 users over a number of months. It may be some time before you are able to install it, but before you do, please make sure to first deactivate your current DesignBuilder licence. Reports from early adopters suggest that this is necessary because the new version of Windows causes any DesignBuilder licences activated at the time to be lost following the installation. This is the same advice we provide for all cases where Windows is to be reinstalled on a machine with DesignBuilder installed, or where a hard disk is to be replaced or a machine is to be decommissioned. 

More details on how to deactivate your DesignBuilder licence can be found here in our Knowledgebase. Once deactivated, the licence is available for activating on another machine, or on the same machine after reinstalling Windows.