Using Offset Snap to Draw Perimeter Zones
Posted by Luis Sousa on 21-Feb-22 02:30 PM

Using Offset Snap to Draw Perimeter Zones

Did you know that you can use the Offset snap tool to draw partitions and voids parallel to existing walls and partitions? This snap can be especially useful when a string of partitions is to be located at a fixed offset from a perimeter to divide large open plan spaces into “perimeter” and “core” zones. 
Offset snap can be turned on under Direction snaps in the Drawing options panel when the Draw partitions command is active. You can define the offset distance in there too. Partitions drawn in this way can be solid or “virtual”. A virtual partition provides a notional division of the open plan space using a transparent “air-wall”. More details on how to use the Offset snap tool can be found in the Program help.