Display Lighting on BRUKL
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 29-Jul-22 04:15 PM
Part LA 2021 sets out the requirements for Display Lighting in New Buildings:

i. have an average light source efficacy of 80 light source lumens per circuit watt
  • Simply set the luminous efficacy for the display lighting system

ii. have a rated power usage no greater than 0.3W/m² in each space
  • SBEM does not permit the input of display lighting power so this cannot be demonstrated in SBEM.

iii. the LENI method
  • There is a tick box on the Lighting tab at building level, however you will still need to input the correct lighting data to ensure the BER is appropriate. A separate LENI calculation will need to be provided. 

Only ONE route to Compliance is required and only i can be demonstrated in SBEM 

Note that any SBEM Compliance calculation with SBEM v6.1.b or 6.1.c will display options i and ii. Although SBEM does calculate the W/m² this is based on the Display W/m2 set for the Activity in the NCM Activity database so the status of this value (red/black) can safely be ignored.