Changing construction data at building/block/zone level does not change results
Posted by Andy Tindale on 18-Dec-06 09:22 AM

Changes in construction model data at building/block/zone level will not affect results if construction model data is already set at surface level (i.e. the construction data is shown in red when you click on surfaces in the navigator). It is the constructions at surface level that are actually used in the simulations and these only use default data from next level up in the model hierarchy if the data is shown in blue. You can clear data to default using 'Clear data to default' command.You can ensure that the same construction data is used throughout the building by using the 'clear data to default' command at building level on the construction model data tab.

The same also applies to all Activity, Openings, Lighting and HVAC data. Data set at zone level will override any settings at block or building level.

It is usually a good idea to set the minimum.amount of data in the model (minimise amount of red data). This will allow you to make global changes much more easily.

See also program help section: Model data hierarchy & data inheritance.