How to model trees
Posted by Andy Tindale on 27-May-20 12:08 PM

You can include the shading effect of trees in your model using component blocks.  These can be positioned in space and the transmittance can be set using the construction model data. By default the transmittance of component blocks is 0, i.e. it is fully opaque all of the time.  You can change the transmittance of all component blocks by changing this at the building level or you can override the default by setting the transmittance of individual component blocks by selecting them in the navigator. More on using component blocks for shading at:

Also, you can export 3-D DXF DesignBuilder models and import them into other software such as SketchUp where you can add trees and check for visual and shading impact.  For more on this see:


Updated 27.05.2020