DesignBuilder didn't close down cleanly last time... Do you want to recover any lost data
Posted by Andy Tindale on 02-Nov-16 09:58 AM

The message that DB was not shut down properly last time is telling you that the file you are trying to open was not closed or saved properly last time it was opened. The usual reasons for this are:

- DesignBuilder crashed and the file was not closed or saved or,
- The computer was shut down when DesignBuilder had the file loaded and the file was not saved.

The message asks if you would like to recover lost data. If you answer 'Yes' then DesignBuilder will open the ~...skh temporary version of the file that was saved and delete the original dsb file. If you answer 'No' then it will delete the temporary file and open the original file without recovering any possible changes.

There is a risk when responding 'Yes' that the temporary ~...skh file is corrupt, in which case you would delete the original file in favour of a corrupt file. If this occurs you should check the DesignBuilder Data\Backup folder for an archive or autosave version of the file.