Annual vs perpetual for SBEM users
Posted by Andy Tindale on 28-Mar-17 09:45 AM

DesignBuilder Software only provides annual SBEM Certification licences because this is the easiest way to ensure that you remain up to date with Government legislation.

With an annual license, you pay the license fee each year and DesignBuilder provides up-to-date software over that period including the periodic changes to SBEM introduced by Government. Towards the end of the subscription period we send you a reminder to re-subscribe to maintain continuity of the service, with a 10% discount available for renewing in advance.

While we advise that DesignBuilder energy assessors use annual licenses, perpetual licenses can also be purchased and are particularly popular for users also having simulation modules (e.g. through one of the energy assessor packages). Perpetual v4 licenses entitle users to access all v4.1, 4.2 etc updates at no extra cost. 

If you choose to purchase DesignBuilder SBEM v4 as a "perpetual" license you can continue to use this to produce EPCs until we issue v5, at which point you should be clear that once DesignBuilder v5 is released all new updates will be included in v5 and not v4 and following any changes to SBEM you will be unable to lodge EPCs until such time as you upgrade to v5. 

The bottom line is that if you prefer to use perpetual licenses you will need to upgrade to v5 when it is released to ensure continuity of the EPC lodgement service. 

We advise customers not to mix annual and perpetual licenses and you should also be aware that different versions of DesignBuilder are not compatible on the same computer so you cannot use v4 and v5 together on one computer.

Perpetual license customers get a 40% discount when upgrading to the next version. Also, customers that have purchased a perpetual license towards the end of the lifetime of that version are usually offered a more substantial discount when it comes to upgrading to the next version.


Updated 02.Nov.2016