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How to Submit a ticket
Posted by Luis Sousa on 24-Sep-19 09:07 PM
Only registered users can submit a support ticket. 

To submit a ticket please login first at your Support Desk account using the panel at left side of the main page.

Then Submit a Ticket option will be displayed.

If you don’t already have a registered account on the Support Desk, please create one here

If you have purchased your licence through a DesignBuilder reseller then please send your support question directly to your reseller.
DesignBuilder International resellers

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DesignBuilder v6.1 UK Certification Approval
Posted by Luis Sousa on 02-Apr-19 04:32 PM

DesignBuilder v6.1.7.007 is now approved for SBEM and DSM certification use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Users in Scotland should continue to use v6.1.0.006 until we have confirmation that v6.1.7.007 lodges successfully to the Scottish register.

Summary information on which version to use for which country can be found on our SBEM and DSM approval summary webpage.

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How to check my ticket status?
Posted by Luis Sousa on 23-Jul-18 01:48 PM

The best way to check your ticket status is to log into the Support Desk and view My Tickets. If you haven't received an answer by email then please login to your Support Desk account to check the ticket status as email can sometime be blocked by email providers.
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DesignBuilder Training Events
Posted by Andy Tindale on 14-Aug-14 10:40 AM

DesignBuilder Training events provide an ideal opportunity to extend your knowledge and learn how to make best use of the software. You can find out about both international Simulation and SBEM training events on the Training webpage.

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Which version of DesignBuilder SBEM should I be using?
Posted by Andy Tindale on 14-Aug-14 10:34 AM

You can find out which version of DesignBuilder SBEM to use for the various UK and Ireland regions on the DesignBuilder SBEM and DSM Approvals webpage.

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