How to Generate an XML file for lodgement
Posted by Andy Tindale on 06-Jul-16 10:16 AM

The XML file required for EPC lodgement is generated by EPCGen when DesignBuilder runs SBEM. 

Please also see knowledgebase article XML not generated when model loaded into latest approved interface

In order to create the XML file the checkbox on the Calculation options dialog needs to be checked before runing SBEM.


After running SBEM if the XML file has been generated you should get a message saying "EPC XML message saved, the name of the folder and "Do you want to open the folder in Explorer?"


If something went wrong then a message is displayed informing you that the XML file was requested but not generated.


The XML file will normally be found in the Documents\DesignBuilder Data folder on your computer. If the XML file was not generated then you need to look in the log files generated by SBEM & EPCGen. These are included in the Error file option from the DesignBuilder interface. 


Other files can be obtained from within DesignBuilder by selecting the File > Folders > SBEM Folder* option from the DesignBuilder menu. This will open a Windows explorer window in the SBEM directory. Some files of interest are:



Model.inp:       The input file to SBEM

model.err:       The error file generated by SBEM when reading the input file

model_epc.err:The error file generated by EPCGen when reading its input file

SBEM.log:       The log file generated by SBEM

EPCGen.log:    The log file generated by EPCGen


* Note that in DesignBuilder v4 and later multiple SBEM folders have been created for different legislative years these are:

SBEM_2010: Part L 2010, Section 6 2010, Part F 2012 (using SBEM v4.1.e)

SBEM_2013: Part L 2013 (England) and 2014 (Wales) (using SBEM v5.2.b, v5.2.d)

SBEM_2015: Section 6 2015 (also used for England and Wales calculations when using SBEM v5.2.g)