Where can I find the BRUKL compliance input file for the BREEAM Ene 01 calculator
Posted by Andy Tindale on 26-Aug-21 03:03 PM

You can find the compliance input .inp file in the DesignBuilder SBEM folder immediately following a Part-L calculation. Any future Part-L calculations will overwrite this file so take care to submit the right file.

The SBEM file you need for submission is called "model_brukl.inp".

It can be found in the SBEM folder which contains all the executables for the version of SBEM to be used for the calculation. For example, DesignBuilder v5.4.0 accesses SBEM v5.4.b and v4.1.g and stores the relevant files in folders 54b or 41g. These are accessed through the interface:
To open the SBEM folder run the menu command "File > Folders > v54b Folder ".

Review date 26.08.2021