Draw repeated zones many times
Posted by Marco Passarelli on 04-Dec-13 11:41 AM

You can create a model which includes many repeated zones (for example a hotel where there is a standard room layout that is repeated over 100 times) easily by cloning a group of partitions. It is similar to cloning blocks. The steps for this process are:

  • Draw the partitions which you need to repeat.
  • Draw a construction line (if necessary to locate the point at which you need to place them).
  • Drag a net over them to select them.
  • Click on the clone objects icon.
  • Click on a reference point on the existing partitions.
  • Move to the location you wish to paste them and click.
You can repeat this with as many partitions as you wish but make sure you don't end up trying to paste where a partition already exists. It all needs a little planning but can speed things up somewhat.