How to deactivate a single user licence in DesignBuilder?
Posted by Luis Sousa on 23-Mar-20 05:38 PM

Remote license deactivation is not supported by DesignBuilder.

DesignBuilder single user license deactivation can only be executed from within DesignBuilder’s Licence Manager dialog (Help->Licence) by selecting the activation code to be deactivated on the ‘Activation Code’ tab and pressing the ‘Deactivate’ button.

If the code is not displayed then the ‘Reset’ button should be used instead. An internet connection is required during the deactivation and activation process.

Uninstalling DesignBuilder will not automatically deactivate the license from the machine.

If you have uninstalled DesignBuilder but need to release the activation code so it can be used on another machine then you should first reinstall DesignBuilder on the machine and follow the deactivation process described above.

If you continue experiencing problems then raise a ticket at our Helpdesk.

All steps described above applies to DesignBuilder version 4, 5 and 6.

Last revision 21.02.2019