How to get the most from the Support Desk
Posted by Andy Tindale on 17-Nov-16 10:35 AM

The advice below will help you to get the most from our Support Desk service.

When asking a question on the Support Desk please make sure to provide a clear description of the problem you are experiencing and clear instructions to help us reproduce it.

If your support question relates to results you are seeing you should explain the results you are seeing and how they differ from what you expect.

Please attach your model (dsb file) and screenshots where appropriate.

Note that the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB when sent by email or 40MB when loaded directly into the ticket.

If you are uploading one or more files from within the Support Desk website you should allow plenty of time for the file to upload, especially if it is a large file. Don't close the page before you see the "Your request has been received" confirmation message.

Once you have made your initial ticket submission through the Support Desk website you can reply to any further messages by either replying to the notification email in your inbox or through the Support Desk website.

Taking a little extra time to provide a clear question will make it easier and quicker for us to provide you with an answer.

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