HTML Data Reflection Reports
Posted by Andrew Bairstow on 14-Mar-19 10:49 AM
These instructions apply to DesignBuilder v5 software. Later versions may not need the steps outlined here.

SBEM produces two types of Data Reflection Report. These are presented and formatted differently:
    1. PDF format: this is the later format and produces separate pages of output.
    2. HTML format: this is the original format provided since 2006.
DesignBuilder stopped producing output in the earlier format shortly after this was replaced. However, it is still possible to produce this from a DesignBuilder model.

DesignBuilder SBEM is an interface to SBEM. When an EPC or BRUKL calculation is run then DesignBuilder generates an input file for SBEM and then instigates the execution of SBEM. The input file mainly consists of data describing the building but also includes instructions on processing and reporting the input data and results from the calculation.

The instructions below will advise you on how to:
    1. Edit this input file to request HTML data reflection reports.
    2. How to run SBEM from the command line.
    3. Locate and open the HTML file
Note that all other files needed for your analysis should be obtained in the usual way: by executing the BRUKL or EPC calculation from within DesignBuilder.

The SBEM input file created by DesignBuilder is always named model.inp. It can be found in the SBEM folder which contains all the executables for the version of SBEM to be used for the calculation. For example, DesignBuilder v5.4.0 accesses SBEM v5.4.b and v4.1.g and stores the relevant files in folders 54b or 41g. These are accessed through the interface:


Note that the model.inp file will be the input file from the last SBEM v*.* calculation that you executed in DesignBuilder.

Create a subfolder within the SBEM folder:

Copy model.inp to the subfolder and rename (perhaps the same name as the DesignBuilder file):

This file can be edited with a Text Editor such as NotePad: Right click to select a suitable application to edit it:

Click OK and the file will open in the text editor:

You will notice the first section of this file commences:


And ends with


Followed by the next section:


In the first section enter the following line


Now save this file

This instruction will ensure that the HTML Report is generated when you run SBEM with this input file. You will do this using the command line:

Search for the facility within Windows:

This should bring you to your user area:

You need to navigate to the folder where the relevant SBEM is stored. This will most likely be:


Do this step by step:

You can now run SBEM with your input file (folder HTMLgen, file Project001.inp in this case

Switch back to the DesignBuilder sub folder you created earlier.

Here you will find two htm files:
    1. Actual Building Data Reflection Report: ProjectName_dr.htm
    2. Notional Building Data Reflection Report:  ProjectName_not_dr.htm

These should be associated with your default browser and can be loaded into that in the same way as any other file. If not then you can choose the application to open them using the same method described earlier for the INP file.