Daylighting autonomy in DesignBuilder
Posted by Luis Sousa on 23-Jan-21 10:34 AM
DA - Daylight autonomy is defined as “the percentage of the operating period (or number of hours) that a particular daylight level is exceeded throughout the year.” 

This is different than sDA - Spacial Daylight Autonomy output that is available in DesignBuilder. See our Program Help for more information about sDA output.

However, the Daylight Autonomy (DA) can be obtained
 by using the simpler UDI (Useful Daylight Illuminance) calculation outputs, setting a very high maximum value for the UDI upper illuminance threshold and setting the lower value to the lower illumination threshold required by the calculation (screenshot below).

Then in outputs the UDI value for each grid cell represents the percentage of annual daytime hours that daylight levels exceed the lower illumination level set (100 lux in the example below).

UDI map outputs shows % hours above the min threshold:

The grid results summarise the m2 and % of each space that complies based on the required minimum threshold.

Article date: 22.Jan.2021