Faster Zone Partitioning and Naming
Posted by Luis Sousa on 30-Jul-21 04:24 PM
New zones are created and adjacencies are regenerated when partitions are added. You can speed this process up in large models by creating all zones in a block only after all partitions have been placed. Here's how:
1. Switch off the “Automatic block zoning” option on the “Drawing tools” tab of Model Options.
2. Draw all partitions in your block, which will temporarily be displayed in blue as “hanging partitions”.
3. While still at block level, run the Edit > “Rezone block” menu command to regenerate zones in the current block from the hanging partitions.

The “Double click to navigate” Program Option speeds up zone naming too, allowing you to single-click on zones in the navigator to rename them without navigating to them. The "Surrounding block/zone display" tool can also be used as part of this process to help see where each zone sits in relation to the rest of the model.

In v7 you can edit zone names even more quickly using the Grid Edit tool!

You can find more advice on modelling large buildings in the Program Help here: Working With Large Models