Can HVAC systems be modelled?
Posted by Mike Bienemann on 12-Jan-13 11:36 AM

There are 3 ways of modelling HVAC systems in DesignBuilder:

1. Simple in which the system is defined using basic HVAC data descriptions and heating and cooling loads are calculated using the idealised EnergyPlus "Ideal Loads" system. Heating and cooling energy consumption is calculated within DesignBuilder from loads reported by EnergyPlus using system efficiency factors.

2. Compact descriptions which uses EnergyPlus HVAC Templates.  These are expanded into detailed EnergyPlus HVAC data sets allowing you to model a range of common systems. Compact HVAC will not be supported in future versions of DB.

3. Detailed where the individual components are defined and connected together. See:

In all 3 HVAC modes, generic default HVAC data can be loaded from template.  DesignBuilder calculates energy consumption and CO2 emissions in a post process using seasonal boiler efficiency and chiller COP data. You can select the HVAC mode from the Model Options dialog: